Infographic: The Importance of Handwashing

Infographic: The Importance of Handwashing

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In 2020 we’re facing the first global pandemic in almost all of our lifetimes. The unprecedented nature of this public health crisis saw nearly all of our lives change overnight as industries instantly switched to remote working or halted work completely, we stayed home unless for truly essential movement, and schools and childcare centres closed. Coinciding with this, one of the key pieces of health advice beyond social distancing and covering your face, is handwashing — a tactic that the World Health Organisation actually says is the most important measure any of us can follow for all kinds of disease prevention.

The fundamental value of handwashing is ultimately seen in data from UNICEF that this practice can reduce death rates in global diseases by up to 65%. In the case of COVID-19, UNESCO research shows that handwashing with soap actually kills the virus, with their report stating, “Chemistry, as part of the basic sciences, teaches us the importance of sanitation and washing our hands in order to combat COVID-19.” While hand sanitizer is an effective back-up in circumstances where you don’t have sink access or you’re on the go, taking the necessary steps to learn about handwashing can make a big difference to our work as a community to stop this virus as well as other diseases.

This infographic from the Cleaning Services Group is designed to help everyone develop better habits around this essential practical component of our individual and collective wellbeing. The graphic talks about the literal ‘Importance of Handwashing’ and provides essential data about this hygiene step that requires only soap and water. The information provided can assist you if you’re managing a public space like an office or work in health services as a detailed flyer you can display for everyone’s benefit.

In addition to washing with soap and water, make sure you don’t forget to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice while washing — that 20 seconds is the prescribed length of time it takes to kill any germs!

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